the-convalescence-by-gustave-lc3a9onard-de-jonghe-1829-1893The road lays sighing, a malachite lover glistening with rain
behold the skinned miracle
what do you want of this fresh-gulped air
turning back time
reparation comes and clothes you in new chance
what will you do with your renewal?
sit underneath the lilac tree watching the old dog believe he is young
dipping his paw in his reflection, catching torment of bird song
calico tread
the smell of electricity and humus
sending everything into hushed abeyance
her lovely neck lain against caramel light
what need of more?
speeding cars on wet surfaces sing fitting carols
birds attempt to out sing the other
worms clasp at water’s edge
I hear myself sigh
would that it last a life time
some say never get comfortable
always do what unsettles you
but for us electrified minds
it is only in billowed silence
we rest our fever