the-convalescence-by-gustave-lc3a9onard-de-jonghe-1829-1893The road lays sighing, a malachite lover glistening with rain
behold the skinned miracle
what do you want of this fresh-gulped air
turning back time
reparation comes and clothes you in new chance
what will you do with your renewal?
sit underneath the lilac tree watching the old dog believe he is young
dipping his paw in his reflection, catching torment of bird song
calico tread
the smell of electricity and humus
sending everything into hushed abeyance
her lovely neck lain against caramel light
what need of more?
speeding cars on wet surfaces sing fitting carols
birds attempt to out sing the other
worms clasp at water’s edge
I hear myself sigh
would that it last a life time
some say never get comfortable
always do what unsettles you
but for us electrified minds
it is only in billowed silence
we rest our fever

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    1. Rob, you really do not know, could not know, what it means when you say this, as I would if I could make a tshirt of every one of your poems and wear it every day. That’s how much you affect me with your own writing so to think I may ever have such an effect on you, well it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much.

        1. My friend Rob, you were humble before me. I recall you telling me the changes you made in your life, the journey you took and it inspires me to believe no matter how you begin, no matter what you go through if you can eventually come to a place where you have come to, it will be all worth it and part of that learning. I truly feel that way, you engendered that feeling. Please know the influence you have is so positive and cherished. Thank you for that and for being you.

      1. You are so welcome. Your writing lately has been so evocative. You tackle some difficult subjects with insight. The posts are not always easy to read, but the topics are part of the harsh realities of life. Thank you for your courage.

        1. Dear Maria, thank you. I do try to do just that, tackle difficult subjects. I agree, they are not always easy to read, which is why I very much appreciate that you do, and your support. It is sometimes easier to write about lovely things than awful things, and I try to shine a light on those quieter voices that may need illumination. Thank you my friend.

  1. What is most unsettling, at least I believe, is to hand over the keys to your heart to another..with the utter realization that one day they will no longer be here. and the only thing I can do to comfort that thought is to hope that the universe decides my time is up before them. This is wonderful as always, Candice. Thank you.

    1. Well said. For someone who doesn’t believe in an after-life, you realize one day they will be gone, either you’ll die and be without them and they without you or vice-versa, or worse, they will change and leave you or vice-versa. For a long time that stayed my hand in believing that it was worthwhile taking that ‘risk’ even though everyone knows, love is necessarily a risk. Nevertheless you do not live unless you are willing to either risk or accept you will not risk and find another way. It is in the undecided moment you feel torment, to thy own self be true, is the answer. I respect someone equally who avoids such connections because they know they couldn’t cope as I do someone who reaches for those connections, both are being true to themselves. That’s all we can do it took me a long time to realize that after many years of doing things because I felt ‘I should’ or others expected it of me. Thank you my friend. I just wrote you back via email xo

  2. These lines a heartfelt sadness.
    some say never get easy
    always do what unsettles you
    but for our electrified minds
    it is only in billowed silence
    we rest our fever
    No matter how much we want our loved one’s to be here…If we can trade places with them…I think I’d want to go first rather than have our loved ones going through pain.
    You always know how to make us readers feel the emotions that people can through in life. Thank you for you writing this Candice.

  3. Been away some time but this is so lovely (and great pairing with Cooder); no long roads for me this year, but I travel vicariously through poems like this… (By the way the Fairy of Disenchantment has flown, I have a new site at Hope you are well, dear heart!

  4. I was reading this phenomenal piece while listening to that video. Wow, is all I can say. The only thing missing was you reading this work of art. Best of the best……… Wait for it………. Wait for it…………… oh my……….lol

  5. My heart rate and blood pressure lowered, my head clearer and calmer. This poem transports me, takes me out of the chaos, where I can contemplate, accept, and just breathe. If only for a moment.

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