This brittle heart
has loved only once
she gives the impression
she is eternally shut
though within her lies
a seed of hope as dormant as
the buds beneath winter earth
but whom
shall bring forth rain and sun
permitting her entry once again
to consider the marvel of a world
where love is not common
nor easily found
where cutting oneself off and hiding
beneath heavily padded doors
is one way the sensitive heart survived
so long
yet we are sand running in opposite direction
a flame not to last eternity
for surely the beat of our hearts
reminds us
there are reasons for longing
watching another moment pass by
what if
out there
in unknown, there is a person
wishing just as I
for the other half
would it be
we could discover
each other
and close
the emptiness
within us
even for the short
space of a
life time

0 Replies to “la graine”

  1. There should be a word in the English language for something so beautiful yet sad that it moves you to tears and yet within that sadness lies a small candle flame of hope. Whatever that is, that is this.

    1. Wow thank you so much that is the loveliest thing to say. I expect there is an obscure word meaning just that, though I do not know it. Thank you again this was such a wonderful compliment it really encourages me and is appreciated.

  2. This poem brought me to tears….the sadness yet, the beauty at its tender moment.
    These lines of yours hit me:
    where love is not common
    nor easily found
    You are right. It’s hard to find love. All men are A-holes! and this world itself is consumed with tension and bad energy. I hope I interpret this poem of yours correctly. Love this sis. πŸ™‚

  3. This almost defies description and praise for they are not worthy of the beauty and greatness of this. Where would any of us be with that tiny inner flame of hope. I pray that the someone out there finds you and cherishes you forevermore sweet Candice!!! πŸ™‚ <3

  4. So profound and what an ending. What if there is and we never find each other? Yet I love the idea that the other half is out there, even if I never get to meet them – it’s worth everything just believing.

    1. right? agreed. have you ever felt it with someone and you didn’t stay with them and you wondered if ‘that was my one shot?’ or have you ever felt it with someone but you didn’t ever actually get together with them for any number of reasons and you wondered, could it have been them and i lost that chance? or do you think sometimes you can feel it about a person whilst they do not feel it about you? i don’t believe the latter only because if it exists then both must feel it – so if you feel it and they do not chances are they are not the right person that’s my meager take on it

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