eeeee“Night after night they hang banded together, keeping silent.” – David Vogel, Jewish poet.

Looking back for all the chaff of regret
lingers a piece of you not yet hung
where all else stretches too thin for holding
as our burden is heavier than our sum
calculated on thin harpsichord of light
breaking like fleet dancers o’er head
where else will the hedgerow thrush know
her song or sleeping mouse burrow in dawn
your grey eyes like undiscovered wolves
your lips finding my own uncovered
pressing the smells of morning like riddles
against empty palms
making acrobats of ardor
still the quench
let us linger
one more purposed motion
testing time for
all who ink their name
shall fade to naught
walking from scorch
by virtue of nothing
save the fullness of their souls
caught in momentary