16003205_1833113303616542_7912161581201337846_nThe ice storm
swallowed sound
as suddenly as calm was lost
trees became music
weighed with the tongue of cold
if there is one time I should think
letting go and lying down
to bathe in clarinet wonder
it would be after ice
has swept clear our pretense
that we are in control
that our little lives are not
at best
liable to
freeze and thaw
by the whim of storm

0 Replies to “Frozen music”

    1. It does hurt – it doesn’t stop hurting you’re right about that – although with time you come to blame yourself less and see things for what they are – if someone seeks to hurt a person it is always because they are in pain not because of the person they wound. Love you Asmov x

  1. People are surprising. Did you write the words at the top, as well? Such truth there that you never know, sometimes, who will stick and who will care about you in your darkest hours. I have walked this road. It is one of the biggest positives in the end because you really know when the smoke clears. Such good writing today, C.

    1. I did not. Though I believe them very prescient. People are surprising. I think that is so underrated and true. You never know. You are always surprised by who is loyal and always surprised by who is not. Just shows us what we do not know or understand. I do agree so much that it is a very positive experience though!

    1. OMG you are SO right my friend! That is EXACTLY what it is! I agree. Some people really do believe it doesn’t happen unless you almost ‘ask for it’ and that by talking about anything real you’ll have it happen … yep that (shakes head) really (shakes head) bothers me!

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