40ce96627e2a59381507324cc14e8c38She has gone down with the light
into deepest water
where frozen the eyes denied
see murkily through specter
she has gone down because you deemed her
and all your entreaties and kindnesses
were sunken lies
all the time you waited
like the brown recluse
sits watchful
beneath porch steps
for the unwise
she has gone down because you needed her capsize
to stick the thorn deep and watch her bleed
for those who dare to live inspite of you must pay the price
we are nothing if not accurate
in our thread and release
the arrow
a light airy sound
blistering cloud
cutting through
pierces its mark
and she must sink beneath the waves of your wrath
to ensure justice in an unjust world
that is your closure
as you put away
the disturbance of her
and feel relief
to rid yourself of your reflection
echoing back through the trees