6569729_origWho is that girl?
standing polishing her shoes
surely it is not me
who will mount the steps
open her mouth
speak the words
I am not afraid of commitment
I simply do not seek it
which could be selfish or disinterested
not all wish to affix
nor the involvement of cliques
groups and movements
especially trends
a month of this a month of that
they rush like birds caught in a net
to the sound of the next buzz
no original thought
whosoever a tide must push
nearer nearer to becoming as
everyone else strings a merging
I wish not
to join in
become part of
affix membership
lead or equally
humanities need to run in pairs
groups and marathons
crowd fund the day
and I
who matter nothing in any way
irrespective of in distinction
long to hear the turning tide speak
go your own way
and if that way is opposite
to the herd
so be it
you will find the going
sometimes empty
but for some
this is the taste they need
to keep purpose or
afloat in
the debris
of afterward
(This is an internal debate, highly subjective, that I often have with myself. The irony of posting on social media that I find social media unhealthy for the majority. Yet I stand by it. I am only on FB to increase book sales, FB stands for everything I don’t relate to. I am not judging anyone else, but sometimes I look around and wonder, how many people don’t want to socialize versus those who seem to need it like a drug. It makes me feel like I am not normal because I see my closest friends literally jump out of their skin unless they feel validated by others, affirmed by socializing, and as I get older I need it less and less and never ever “need” to go out and socialize. Then again, if we are social animals, is this natural? If it isn’t, why does it feel natural? As for ‘joining in’ that has been an anathema my entire life, I can’t stand the ‘club’ mentality though it is so pervading especially in the US. I find it an interesting subject especially as those who are less social are very condemned by the majority as having something wrong with them).